Online Remote Access

Get ready to POP… with YAPI POP™ – Your own dental practice portal that can be accessed remotely online, anytime and anywhere!

Plan Your Day … Ahead of Time!

Planning is vital for any busy dentist, and it just got a whole lot easier with YAPI POP, Practice Online Portal!

With POP, you can check current and upcoming patient appointments, see who’s on your ASAP and Care Call Lists, view and respond to patient texts, and more! The best thing is that POP updates in real-time, keeping you in the loop with your practice and patients!

Remote Access. Anytime and Anywhere.

You’ll have access to POP at any given time of day, from any location! No login from your Practice Dashboard is required as POP automatically and intuitively syncs data directly from YAPI.

The best part is that POP is 100% mobile friendly and can be accessed from any of your favorite devices. Checking up on tomorrow’s schedule is now faster than ever.

Manage Patient Emergencies with Ease

Check to see if your after-hour emergency callers are patients of record with the Patient Finder tab in POP.

You can view and access all crucial patient information from medical conditions and medications to missed appointments and past visit history.

Now you’ll have access to important information remotely, so you can make the best decisions for each patient emergency!

What’s New at YAPI?

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