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Our built-in office messenger will unite your dental team and eliminate unnecessary distractions!


Excellent intra-office communication reduces mistakes, increases productivity, improves time management, boosts office morale, and enhances the patient experience. Unfortunately, in a typical dental practice, there is little time to discuss patient care and ensure proper hand-off because everyone on the team is always busy helping patients. YAPI™ solves this problem by helping dental teams communicate and collaborate discreetly, and without interruptions.

Improve Team Communication

Get debriefed! Don’t ever walk into an operatory unprepared! Don’t let your hygienist or assistant spend valuable time hovering around waiting to pass on relevant information about your patient’s condition or treatment plan. With Operatory Alerts your team members can summon you to any room and fill you in discretely on what you need to know before you see your patient.

Connect and Collaborate

The built-in instant messaging feature allows your team members to stay in continuous contact with one another via color-coded pop-up messages with optional audible alerts. You can send a message to summon a provider to an operatory, announce last minute changes on the schedule or communicate important information about your patient. Messages can be broadcasted to every desktop computer or device in the office or sent to a particular provider or specific location. These communications are immediate, discrete, and secure.

Feature Highlights


Two-way Messages

Send and respond to messages easily. When a message pops up on your screen, just click on it to reply to the sender for instant conversation and collaboration.

Quick Messages

Communicate with a single click! Each team member can set up a library of his or her own most commonly used Quick Messages to simplify information exchange.

Communication Log

Never miss a message again! YAPI™ records and time-stamps all messages on a Message Board for quick access when needed.

Privacy Shields

Privacy feature allows messages to be delivered discretely to visible workstations.

Notifications At A Glance

Connect your smart watch to YAPI™ to get your messages on your wrist and to send off quick off-the-cuff replies.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Better together: Alexa and YAPI™ give your intra-office communication a voice. Need help with probing? Don’t take your gloves off – ask Alexa for help.

“Alexa, tell YAPI™ I need help with probing.”
“Got it! Help with probing requested.”

“Alexa, tell YAPI™ that my patient is ready for an exam.”
“Got it! The doctor was notified that the patient is ready for an exam.”

Our partnership with Amazon allows us to build new skills for Alexa and it allows you to communicate with your team hands-free.

Make a Better Hand Off

Stop printing and shredding routing slips every day. The YAPI Dashboard replaces traditional routing slips by gathering need-to-know information about your patients on a single display. Easily recognizable icons help everyone on your team identify potential issues quickly and prompt staff to take corrective issues as needed.

The Digital Routing Slip allows your clinical employees to communicate specific instructions regarding today’s visit, future appointments, and patient concerns discreetly and effortlessly. This fully customizable feature allows attending staff create and update check out notes, schedule tasks to be completed at a later time, and select documents to be emailed to patients upon check out.

End Unproductive Huddles

In an ideal world, all team members would come to daily huddles prepared. In a real world, busy team members need to spend their valuable time taking care of patients. There is simply no time to prepare!

YAPI™ solves this problem! Virtual Huddle automatically gathers critical real-time information from different parts of your practice management software and brings it all together in an interactive display in just seconds. This interactive and mobile solution allow data input by any of your team members, promoting team collaboration and communication.

Get Your Day Off Right

A morning huddle is the best time to give everyone a heads-up about any potential problems and discuss the right actions. To help make your meeting successful, Virtual Huddle scans patient records and instantly identifies scheduled patients with balances, past due recall, unconfirmed appointments, history of broken appointments, and other problems. Armed with real-time accurate, and actionable data, your clinical and administrative teams, can take charge of today, review what happened yesterday, and plan for tomorrow.

Track Goals 

With YAPI™, your practice numbers are just one tap away. YAPI puts you in touch with your data anywhere, anytime.

Quick KPI delivers relevant data from multiple reports into a single application. Check your production, adjustments, collections, and new patient count by day, month, or year on a single screen and with a single tap. Analyze practice trends and track production by provider or measure production against collections. Compare your real numbers to your targets to see if your team is on track to meeting your monthly goals.

At first, I was thinking it was geared towards big offices but I am amazed how well it works in my 4 chair practice.
In the beginning, we had tried radios for our office communication but it did not work for us. YAPI, has been super easy to implement and my staff loves being able to communicate quickly and effectively, without patients noticing. Our patients think it is magical when they get walked up to the front and the front desk knows exactly what they need without anyone saying a word or looking through the chart. When patients catch a glimpse of their “cartoon” selves on the monitor they are super interested in what it is. Next step is hooking my Apple Watch watch up to receive notifications.
Dr. Rachel Fine

The Glendale Dentist

I have worked with YAPI for the past seven years and literally DO NOT know how to operate around the office without it.

It simply makes the day flow a lot faster and easier being able to know exactly where all the patients, assistants and doctors are and what treatment is being done or who is needed where. It makes you appreciate how much time you are saving by not walking around the office to look for people and be able to communicate with your team members without leaving your operatory.

I can go on and on talking about many things I love about incorporating YAPI in our practice, but you won’t know until you interact with it first hand.

Soha Soroosh, Dental Hygienist

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