YAPI and Open Dental Integration

Powerful dental automation software, built to expand the features of Open Dental. From automated appointment reminders and recall to paperless forms and consents, integrate YAPI with Open Dental today!

Why Open Dental Users Love YAPI

Paperless Forms That Sync Automatically to Open Dental

Our Paperless Forms will save you time as all patient data syncs automatically to Open Dental. It’s that easy! Oh! And did we mention you can present and sign any Treatment Plan in your office on an iPad and all while letting patients complete their forms remotely from home? With YAPI True Paperless™ you’ll remove all data entry from your office!

Actionable Patient Data Pulled Directly From Your Open Dental

YAPI™ pulls important information about your patients from your Open Dental database and displays this information in your very own Practice Dashboard™. Right in front of your eyes, you’ll be able to make fast and easy decisions and you’ll be alerted about specific medical conditions and other important decisions that need to take place. It’s that automated!

Status Updates on Any Screen in Real-time

In real-time you can be notified from any computer in your practice when a patient checks in, when someone is running late, and be kept in the loop with any last-minute changes on the schedule. You can even summon a provider to an operatory from their smartwatch or phone. No more time will be spent aimlessly clicking through charts – you have the data you need on-screen! 

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