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YAPI has been producing digital forms since 2011 and has the longest-running support for customizable forms for dental teams. From new patient online forms to informed consents and digital treatment plans, YAPI has everything a dental office needs to create an efficient paperless office. 

Scroll through some of our most popular forms to see what’s possible for your practice!

New Patient Intake Forms

New patients have the convenience of filling out all of their paperwork remotely online, from any of their electronic devices. Dental patient information and medical histories are captured in real-time and will sync to your PMS after you have previewed their data. All new patient forms are customizable and can be catered to fit the unique needs of any practice. All forms for new patients can be bundled into a new patient package and intuitively displayed online.

Online COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Easily prescreen any patient for COVID-19 before their appointment. This online questionnaire can be completed by your patients remotely from any device. This is the safest and fastest way to prescreen any patient. You can attach this questionnaire in your automated appointment reminders via text and email and can even include it in your new patient intake forms.

Patient Information and Health History iPad Forms

For existing patients of the practice, or new patents who did not have the chance to complete their forms from home, you can have those patients fill out their forms in-office via an iPad. The best thing is that data for existing patients pre-populates into the iPad form. There will be no need for an existing patient to reenter all of their information. All they will need to do is verify their information and change any fields or medications that should be updated. YAPI will even auto-detect fields that should be updated. Make your software work for you – not the other way around!

Dental Insurance Information

Quickly and easily collect patient insurance information through our YAPI iPad app. Each patient can enter in the important insurance information your front office needs to know to streamline and automate the collection and verification process. Your team can also take a picture of the patient’s insurance card with the iPad and store the image in their digital chart. 


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Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgment (HIPAA)

Letting your patients know that their health information is protected and secure is not only important, it’s a requirement by HIPAA. With our Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement form, patients can quickly read over policy and accept with our quick tap and sign feature.

Informed Consents and Treatment Plans

YAPI allows dental practices to present any consent form or treatment plan digitally. From standard consents to perform dentistry to consents for performing Root Canals and Implant Placement, any consent form your practice needs can be created digitally. Treatment plans can be easily signed by both the patient and doctor electronically and emailed to the patient.

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