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Live Training and Support: Why You Need Both

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Product Updates

Are you using Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft, or one of the popular practice management software in your dental practice? While you may love your software, you are probably well aware that it comes with some limitations. That’s where other software subscriptions come in to play and can help immensely with adding more automation. From paperless forms to online reviews, you have options!


Delivering exceptional service is one of our core values at YAPI. It’s also the reason why we believe in a healthy combination of live training and support. We have found these methods work well for successfully implementing our software. Here are just a few reasons why …


The Human Touch In Real-Time

In an era of digital technology, it only seems natural to watch and learn from video tutorials. Just think of how many of us are on YouTube daily, browsing over how-to videos! Video tutorials have become an excellent medium for learning, and the ability to go back and watch parts over again can be very helpful. While we do not want to discredit learning through video tutorials, our initial tranings begin over the phone with a live trainer. We feel that the guidance and human touch a trainer can give, go a long way! 

A trainer can guide you every step of the way. Where bumps and bottlenecks occur, you aren’t stuck going back and watching parts of a video over; instead, you have someone there to identify the learning curves and help you correct your mistakes. You are learning in real-time, which is more valuable.

One thing that sets our training environment apart is that our trainers connect remotely to your desktop computers. As you are learning YAPI, they are guiding you along the way, with the click of a mouse. It takes up less of your time showing you what you need to do, rather than explaining it. 



You are busy. Between managing patients and a team, your days are long. Throw a bunch of training on top of it, plus outside of work stress with family and kids, and you have an incredibly overwhelming day! We get it. But successful training will correlate strongly with the amount of achievement you have with your software. That’s where an Account manager comes into play. Your Account Manager, in many ways, is an accountability coach. They are there to help schedule training that accommodates your busy days and to ensure that you are utilizing all the products that you are paying for. 

“Systems bring consistent results…predictable results, and that’s what every practice owner should want.” – Sandy Pardue


Co-Created by A Dentist For a Dentist

No one knows your struggles more than a fellow dentist. They understand that you are busy and that your time is incredibly valuable to you and your team. YAPI was co-created by a dentist. Our training and support methods were created solely upon the basis of supporting dental practices, solving your needs and addressing your issues, one training at a time. 

At YAPI, we understand that things can change quickly in a dental office. From a team member needing a simple refresher, to training a new team member on your software, YAPI gives you relief in knowing that you can receive the best support possible, especially during these challenging times. We are here to help!