Scheduling appointments is now more convenient than ever for both your practice and your dental patients!

Your Front Office will thank you, and your patients will appreciate the luxury of Online Appointment Scheduling. What was once extremely time-consuming and cumbersome, is now seamless, convenient, and a process you can’t afford to miss out on for your dental practice! Introducing our newest product at YAPI – Online Appointment Scheduling!


Real-Time Appointment Scheduling: 24/7 Access! 

Now In real-time, patients can schedule an appointment online that will sync automatically with your practice management software. No more room for human error or missed opportunities for filling up your appointment book. Online Scheduling is fast, accurate, and pulls the important fields you need directly from your PMS.  

You’re going to stand out from the crowd because now your appointment book is open 24/7! With the ability for a patient to schedule an appointment on their own accord, an opportunity for more appointments and fewer no-shows is practically a given. In fact, according to the American Journal of Medicine, patients are less likely to no-show for appointments that they have scheduled themselves.


Special Multi Location Page

For practices with more than one location, you’ll have access to a special multi location scheduling page. Here your patients will be able to view all listed locations. They can also interact with a map that displays each practice along with business hours and other important information. Your patients can easily select any practice location of their choice and from there will be prompted to schedule their appointment.


Better ROI for Dental Marketing and New Patients

There’s nothing more frustrating than wasted ad dollars, ineffective marketing campaigns, and an unclear call to action. With an interactive appointment scheduling widget on your practice website, you will have a clear and effective call to action.

As we already know, it’s the appointment book that makes or breaks a dental practice. Now when a potential new patient lands on your website, the chances of them converting to a new patient are much higher, as they can book an appointment directly from your website widget. 

You will also have the ability to use your scheduling page as a shareable link. This will work great as a call to action button for your practice’s Google My Business and Facebook profiles.


Automated Recall Scheduling

Now you’ll be able to contact your patients who are due for their next hygiene visit with an automated link for them to schedule their next appointment. The best part is that once they click on the link all the patient will need to do is verify their date of birth and choose the date they wish to schedule – it’s that simple!


More Valuable Time Spent in Other Places

Online Appointment Scheduling will take quite the load off your front office and administrative staff. Flipping through the appointment book and playing continual phone tag will be reduced as patients can now take more control over the scheduling process.

Your office will also have access to shareable appointment scheduling links, which can be shared directly in emails, posted in your Google My Business profile, providing more incentive for patients to schedule on their own time.


Here’s What’s Coming First!

Online Scheduling will be released in phases. Within our first release, the following features will be available for Dentrix users first;

  • New Patient Scheduling and Automated Recall Scheduling 
  • Website Scheduling Widget 
  • Shareable Scheduling Link for Google My Business, Email, etc 
  • Report Notifications about Patients who have scheduled 
  • Syncs directly with your schedule / appointment book 
  • Collect Insurance information

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Pricing details to follow.


Ian Young

Ian Young

Content Marketing Manager


  1. Ivonne Castro

    Can patients pre pay with a credit card for their appointment like square?

    • Ian Young

      Great question! Not at this time. But stay tuned, more development and other products are in the works!

  2. Bobby

    Will the sync be bi-directional? Meaning will the appointments write back into my PMS?

    • Ian Young

      The appointments will be created directly on the PMS appointment book.

  3. Alejandra

    Do you add appointments to the new version of dentrix 7.2 ??

    • Ian Young

      Yes, we do!

  4. Nancy

    Can you designate which times are allowed so that a new patient isn’t scheduled in the middle of a preblock time?


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