Faster Online Dental Forms for Your Patients are here!

Let’s face the facts, our patients aren’t always the most patient! That’s why we have updated the functionality of our New Patient Online Forms at YAPI to be even quicker! So, let’s dive into the minds of those patients who are a bit impatient and see how this new update will provide an added convenience!

Smarter Dental Forms.

No more typing first and last names on every form! Once the first patient form is submitted, the patient’s first and last name will auto populate on all other forms.

Save Some For Later.

As long as your patient comes back to your online forms page on the same device later that day, they can see what they already completed with green checkmarks and simply continue from where they left off!

Your practice will still receive the individual’s completed forms, even if a patient chooses the new option to ‘skip’ over a form if they are short on time.

Patients can now complete forms in any order they choose!

Trusted, Safe, and Reliable.

YAPI online forms and in-office iPad forms have always been safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant, but now the concern of protection has been made even more clear with a brief disclaimer about encryption and privacy on a new landing page interface where all forms are stored.

It’s All For Your Patients.

Whether patients are receiving a welcome email automated by YAPI or going online to your website to access new patient forms, they will enjoy the convenience of submitting their information quickly to save time during their first visit to your practice.


*YAPI customers will see this update occur automatically May 29th*

Adam Bailey

Adam Bailey

Brand Strategist

Adam is the Brand Strategist at YAPI. He is originally from Austin, Texas and graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in Marketing. Adam travels yearly to many dental trade shows and conventions, sharing his love and knowledge of YAPI with dentists and their teams. In his spare time, he is either at the beach or spending quality time with friends and his dog, Pooh Bear. If you see him at an upcoming trade show, he says to come by the YAPI booth and say "hi"!


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