Take your dental marketing to the next level! This article by Dr. Anissa Holmes will teach you how to use Facebook to attract and gain new patients for your dental practice!

When was the last time YOU were on Facebook? Perhaps it was last month, a few days ago, or even today. If you are on Facebook, chances are, so are your patients. The average American spends up to 40 minutes a day on Facebook.

Facebook is a great way to share your practice’s story and attract new patients. It’s a platform where you can engage with people so they can get to know you. This ultimately builds trust and attracts more patients. Facebook also had the lowest cost to reach your audience. Based off of Q2 2016 data, the cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) was $5.95.

Another benefit of Facebook is that you have the ability to determine who sees your practice’s posts in their newsfeed. For example, you can say, “I want this post to be seen by my patients as soon as they wake up in the morning”,“I want my posts to be seen by those who have visited my website”, or “I want my posts to be seen by people who earn similar incomes, drive similar cars, and have similar interests as my patients”. The options are limitless.

The Importance of Engagement

Many practices struggle with Facebook because they aren’t posting frequently enough or they are posting way too many stock photos. There is a lot of competition for people’s attention, so your content has to be unique and evoke emotion. In fact, you should keep in mind every time you create a post, will this be something that people share?


Creating Engaging Content

I recently completed an engagement study and discovered that engagement increases the amount of likes, shares, and reactions your posts will receive. It is also a way for Facebook to see if your post is relevant.

There are a few specific ways to create engaging content:

1. Create Facebook live videos and post patient video testimonials. Videos allow people to get to know more about your practice and experience the office’s atmosphere. 

2. Create posts that will send people to your website so they can learn more about your services.

3. Create a featured service of the month, for example, crowns, implants, cosmetic dentistry, etc. Then create a post about the benefits of that service and link people to your website to learn more. You should also include testimonials from patients that have had that service.


Using Facebook for Dental Practices

There are 2 components when using Facebook for your dental practice: What you post and your target audience. One important thing to remember is that if you’re running ads, you should never just boost a post. You need to decide who you want to see your posts because it will increase your conversations and save you money in the long run.

Here are a few examples of target audiences:

  • A custom audience of your patients
  • A Facebook lookalike audience of your patients
  • An audience of people who’ve been to your website
  • Fans of other Facebook pages with similar audiences of your ideal new patients

To get the best results, you should create a post at least once a day. Have a member from your team commit 15-30 minutes a day posting and responding to comments or messages sent through Facebook. I also recommend that you or a team member learn how to create custom audiences and ad campaigns to maximize your results.

For paid ads, I would recommend that you start with a small budget of about $100 a month. You can use that amount to see which audiences responds to the ads the best and build from there. I spend about $500 on ads for my practice and I get about 40-50 new patients every month.  If your goal is to attract more patients, better connect with your existing patients, and fast track the growth of your practice, then Facebook can help you get there.

Written by Dr. Anissa Holmes

Written by Dr. Anissa Holmes

Voted one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry by Dental Products Report, Dr. Anissa Holmes has effectively mastered the skill of Social Media use gaining a following of over 50, 000 fans. As a practicing Dentist, Social Media Strategist, Business Acceleration Coach, and Speaker, Dr. Holmes shows Dentists exactly how to create a profitable and thriving dental practice. She also teaches Facebook strategies that focus on maximizing your ROI. To top it all off, Dr. Holmes is the host of the top iTunes podcast, The Delivering WOW Dental Podcast and is the author of Delivering WOW: How Dentists Can Build a Fascinating Brand and Achieve More, While Working Less!  To learn more about Dr. Holmes and Delivering WOW, visit her website at www.deliveringwow.com.