Let’s talk about your November social media posts for your dental practice!

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The first thing that comes to people’s minds when you say November is Thanksgiving. There is sure to be a plethora of posts from dental practices thanking their patients and sharing the other things they’re thankful for on social media. But I can tell that you’re more clever than the average dentist and that you want your posts to be more intentional. Because why are you posting if you’re not posting to invite engagement and interaction with your audience? Taking the usual content topics just a little bit further than the rest of the crowd can result in more connectivity with your audience, and much better analytics numbers on your social media channels.



Instead of a simple, ‘We’re Thankful’ post, share photos of yourself and staff that expand on what you’re thankful for. Posts that show what your life (or your staff) is like outside of your practice not only perform well, but are a way for your audience to feel more connected to you.

  • If you’re thankful for your family, share what you did with them last weekend.
  • Have a soft spot for your four legged friend? Share a photo of the two of you at the dog park or on a walk.
  • Thankful for your parents? Share a throwback photo of the three of you at your dental school graduation.

November is also a great time to create a space in your office that invites your patients to create content for you! Designate a small area of your check in area to keep a small chalkboard (I saw them at Michael’s for $4!) and chalk pens along with a sign that invites your patients to write what they’re thankful for, their favorite Thanksgiving food, or a fun family tradition, and snap a selfie. Encourage patients (or parents) to share on their social media channels, ask them to tag you and if it is okay for you to share on your accounts. You could even include some funny thanksgiving props. Turkey mask, anyone?

More post ideas that encourage engagement:

  • Ask for Thanksgiving side dish or dessert recommendations.
  • Share some unique Thanksgiving traditions you’ve heard of and ask your audience if they have any they’d like to share.
  • Put together a prize basket full of car-friendly kid games and activities. The week before Thanksgiving, ask how far people are traveling to visit family. Award the prize basket to the person traveling the farthest.

On Thanksgiving Day, add a facebook survey to your Happy Thanksgiving post. Survey topics could be: what people’s favorite Thanksgiving food is, if they’re sleeping in or waking up early for Black Friday, or if they’re watching Football games or Christmas movies.

Plan ahead and hold a Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive or Sock Drive for a local homeless outreach group. Making sandwiches and bringing them to the homeless is a common outreach method so those pantry staples are almost always needed. Socks are one of the most needed items at shelters. Shelters and halfway homes also often have a wish-list for donors. Contact your local shelters and ask what they need. Share the items that are needed and serve as a collection point for the community.


Treats Season

With Halloween, Fall Festivals, School Carnivals, and Thanksgiving, ‘tis the season for treats. Here are some ideas to combat those potential cavities!  

  • A video refresher on proper brushing technique.
  • A reminder that children should have help brushing.
  • A reminder to brush for a full two minutes.
  • Ways to reduce sugar in favorite holiday recipes.

Veterans Day

Instead of a ‘Thank you Veterans,’ post, put in some volunteer hours at a Veterans focused charity and post about your experience. If you don’t have time to put in volunteer hours in November, research a worthy (and preferably local) Veterans focused non-profit to fundraise or accept donations on behalf of. Offer to match whatever monetary donations are given in the month of November. Encourage people to donate directly to the organization and send you a receipt so that you know what to match, so that you don’t have to collect any money, and so that they receive the tax write-off for the charitable contribution.   An alternative or additional content creation idea for your dental practice is to ask a patient who you know is a veteran if they’d be comfortable sharing their experience and what being a veteran means to them.

If you have a military base nearby, see if there are any events around Veterans Day that you could sponsor or be a part of 

Set up a card making station in your waiting room for patients to write a thank you note to veterans. Drop them off at your local VFW, VA Hospital, or mail them to the troops.


Black Friday

Boost engagement on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by sharing items on sale that will improve the health of your patients. Electric toothbrushes, a favorite healthy foods cookbook or small appliance. You could also have a promotion of your own! Wrap up Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday all in one and offer a special for patients who haven’t been to the office in more than six months. Perhaps a discount on teeth whitening, or a special for bringing the whole family in.

Another fun post idea for Black Friday dental practice marketing would be to black out one of your teeth (or a staff member’s) and take a headshot style photo. Post with a caption along the lines of, ‘we’re available for dental emergencies! Call (123) 456-7890 if any of those Black Friday brawls get the best of you. 

Plan ahead and make a ‘Black Friday Survival Kit’ for your patients who visit your office the week before Thanksgiving. Include a water bottle, an energy bar, a band-aid, and hand sanitizer. Tell patients to share a selfie with their Black Friday Survival Kit while they’re out and about the day after Thanksgiving.


Small Business Saturday

Oh, dentists. I could write a dissertation on the importance of supporting small businesses but I will be succinct and say this: Spending money with locally owned businesses is better for your community and economy. It’s also a hugely underutilized marketing tool. Partnering with other small businesses owners in your area multiplies your social media reach, makes it easy to create content, shows off the personal side of your business, and creates goodwill. American Express started Small Business Saturday in 2010. Merchants register and shoppers receive extra points or money back when they patronize those businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The campaign was so successful that the US Senate has made it an official day.

Use this Small Business Saturday to show some love to your favorite small businesses, and to lay the foundation for working with them in 2019!

  • Try a new local restaurant. Don’t just check in there, but share a photo and write what you ate/why you liked it. Ask your audience what their favorite spots are in the area.
  • Surprise your employees with some cash and ask them to visit their favorite locally owned business and snap some photos.
  • Snap a selfie at your favorite local boutique. Include the owner or an employee. Share a bit about their story and what you both love about working/living in your neighborhood.
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial or creative friend who doesn’t have a brick and mortar location? A web designer or graphic designer who you work with? Give them a shout and share what they’ve done for you.
  • Do you have children who participate in extracurricular activities? Do they have an amazing coach, tutor, or instructor? Share a post about their experience and ask what your audience’s kids like to do in their free time.

The posts and relationships that you create foster community online and off, open the door for cross promotion, and also lay a foundation to work on things together in the future like giveaways and events. They can also lead to valuable referrals and social media growth.

Remember that posts don’t always have to be about dentistry. Using social media is about building your community online and off. It’s okay to have fun, be a little goofy, and show the more personal side of your practice. Posting only about teeth can lead to content fatigue for your audience. Remember that just like oral health contributes to and is impacted by the overall health of a body, social media marketing should be comprehensive and keep in mind the whole patient.

If the idea of coming up with all of this content is overwhelming, ask for help! Have your staff divide and conquer and use the same photo filter to make your posts look cohesive even though they’re being taken by more than one person. Use facebook’s scheduling tool to do most of the posting in advance. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. After all, that’s what November is all about.


So, let’s get started!

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