Marketing Mondays comes to YAPI! Free tips and tricks on dental marketing and social media.

Marketing is key for any business’ growth and dentistry is no exception. However, why is it that marketing our dental practice is such a low priority on our list? Is it because we juggle so many tasks during the day that we simply don’t make the time for it? Or maybe since business is going well, we don’t feel the need to do any marketing?

According to a recent article from DentistryIQ, “The average dental office loses 15% to 20% of its patient base every year”. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, patients do fall through the cracks. If we sprinkle some marketing into our practices, a little will go a long way, especially with the right resources.

YAPI has teamed up with some of dentistry’s most influential leaders in Marketing, SEO, and Practice Management to bring you new series on our blog known as Marketing Mondays!

These articles will provide you with short and effective tips and tricks to better market your practice! They are also effective strategies that are proven to drive more traffic to websites, increase social media presence, and bring new patients through your doors.

On the second and last Mondays of each month, we will release new dental marketing articles that will provide you all the tools you’ll need to become a Dental Marketing Guru!

Some of our contributing authors will include: