Dental Podcast with Dr. Larry Emmott: Emmott On Technology

In this podcast episode we interviewed Dr. Larry Emmot. Recognized as a leading dental high tech authority in the country and with over thirty years of experience as a practicing general dentist, Dr. Larry Emmott’s mission is to help dentists make good technology choices.

Key Points to Jump To:
0:30 Introduction
1:35 The Big Changes in Dentistry
7:20 The Great Debate: Chartless VS Paperless (Pt 1)
9:55 Dr. Emmott’s Mission
15:44 Big Barriers (When Implementing Technology)
24:55 The Practice Technologist
28:47 Paper VS Digital
31:38 Chartless VS Paperless (Pt 2)
39:17 Common Mistakes: When Dentists Implement New Technology
43:29 Dr. Gina’s $50,000 Wall Of Shame
47:22 Security is a BIG Deal / HIPAA
59:00 Special PROMO CODE for Dr. Emmott’s Book

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Ian Young

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