Benefits of Remote Access

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Paperless Dental Software, Product News and Updates | 0 comments

Now, more than ever, is the time to consider enabling remote access for your dental practice.  

It’s important to be prepared at all times for an emergency, or due to recent circumstances, a pandemic. While these circumstances are frustrating and out of our control, we can still take proper measures to take care of ourselves, our patients, and our practices.

With remote access to an online portal such as YAPI POP, you can stay on top of the important things in your practice even if your office is faced with no choice but to close its doors for a period of time. With YAPI POP, you can still communicate with your patients and access crucial information needed from your office. The best thing is that there are no routers or ports required, just internet access from any of your favorite devices. 

Here are some of the tools YAPI POP can provide you during any office closure or emergency: 

  • Access 24/7 to your appointment book – anytime and anywhere
  • An ability to still reach patients via email or text directly through the portal 
  • Access to your Care Call and ASAP Lists 
  • Important patient information such as medical history and family file information 
  • A comprehensive patient finder tab 
  • An ability to act on information in real-time 

With the right technology and software to aid you, you can still make important data-driven decisions, even when disaster and pandemonium strike. YAPI POP gives you the access you need, in a dire time such as now. Take advantage of this great feature today. 

Not using YAPI? Learn more about this feature and others by taking a demo of our software. 

Brittany Leoni

Brittany Leoni

Content Writer

Britt works as the Content Marketing Assistant for YAPI. She is originally from Delaware, but spent her college years in New York at NYU, where she studied Theater and Journalism. She loves all things storytelling, and is fascinated by the human condition. She also assists the production of the Behind the Smiles Podcast, which is hosted by Dr. Gina Dorfman. If you are interested in being a featured guest on our podcast, you can reach Britt directly at


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