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There are New Rules in Dental Marketing

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Dental Marketing, Paperless Dental Software, Practice Management

Let’s face it. We get bombarded with ads from marketing companies who ALL promise more new patients. They know that most of us dentists don’t have the time or know-how to really investigate their credentials.

So they get away with it year after year, client after client. After all there’s an endless supply of dentists willing to pay for “results.”

But must it be this way?

Our dental school curricula are mostly silent on the topics of marketing and sales consults. Even if these topics made it past the censors, it wouldn’t be taught by anyone with the know-how or experience to teach it well. Most private CE stays well away for the same reason.

So what prevents dentists from managing their own marketing campaigns, or at least learning enough so they can avoid the pitfalls and make wise decisions about proposed services and results?

Well until recently there was no alternative. You had to go in blind, hoping that your new marketing company would do better than the last one. That’s just the way it was.

No more.

Dental Authority Marketing (DAM) exists to teach dentists everything they need to know about marketing. DAM provides an authority marketing framework that’s proven effective…A blueprint for practice success whether that means a multi-million dollar practice or simply practicing the kind of dentistry you want.

DAM teaches how to establish expert status with a multi-channel approach, and has the connections to trusted experts who can implement for you. We aren’t selling marketing services, but we will tell you HOW and will even provide our trusted “WHO” if you need one.

Consider this. When it comes to marketing for dentists there are really two types of patients you will attract:

  1. those looking for a solution, and
  2. those looking for a deal

The questions is, which do you want? If like us you want the former, how do you attract patients with extensive needs, who are aware of AND who want a solution that you can provide?

Or do you have no choice but to make continue making offers to freebie seekers?

If your goal is practicing dentistry on your terms and changing lives with comprehensive care then keep on eye on this blog. The next articles in this series will look deeper into how this works and shed light on what you’re missing.

And if in the meantime you really want to get a headstart we can squeeze in a couple more chairs at our hands-on training July 13-14 in Las Vegas. It’s a one-of-a-kind event where docs in attendance are getting the full recipe so they too can cook up a steady stream of solution-oriented patients.

To an always bigger future,

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